Have you dreamed of seeing your ebook on every phone? But fear it’s too technical for you to publish an ebook? We provide a solution for it. It is easy, fast and free to publish a book on 'Invicto'. Just fill up the simple form and go onboard within 24 hours. Charm Pricing: There is no base unit price on Invicto .i.e its authors who decide the price of their book. Some authors see their books as businesses. On the other hand, some authors just want as many people to read and love their books as possible. These authors are fine with not making any money—or even losing money—as long as they get to tell their stories. These authors will give their books away for a pittance or for free. We respect both the categories. And we give you an option to decide your own price. Depending upon that we provide 65% royalty on the actual MRP. Nothing hidden, no star mark, just simple and easy.