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    The Panchatantra contains a treasure-house of stories that are told in a simple and lucid manner in order to reach the maximum number of people. Each story has a 1Life- Skill1 to be learnt and ideas for practical application of the messages in daily living. The book is about solving problems, survival of the fittest, intelligence necessary for living a happy life and about the human nature in general. It propagates the theory of all being fair in love and war, there is no right or wrong when it comes to one's own survival; we need to take care of ourselves before we can think of helping others; we alone are responsible for our well-being; we should have a goal in mind and then stick to it. The original text was written in Sanskrit around 200 B.C. by the great Hindu scholar Pandit Vishnu Sharma, but the tales themselves go back to the time of the Vedas and Upanishads (1500 B.C. - 500 B.C.). These stories have traveled all over the world and have been translated into more than 50 languages. Panchatantra is perhaps the best known collection of stories from ancient times. The authors have researched and ruminated on the subject, presenting this book to you as a culmination of all that ingested knowledge and information. We hope you have a good read!

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