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    The story…
    Sabu and Vivi are two kids studying.
    The story starts in the year 2116!!! !!! !
    They purchase a TIME MACHINE called 7 O’ 7.
    They travel to the past.
    They meet Charlie Chaplin, Pyramid construction period,
    Lenin, Gregor Mendel (Father of Modern Genetics), Swami Vivekananda, Primitive Vedic period and Albert Einstein. All informative and Educative to the core.
    In 22nd Century 2 Indians bag Noble prizes. One in Chemistry for the invention of a new element SOORIYUM which is found in Sun and the core of the Earth. The beauty is that it can bear heat up to 7, 00,000 degree Celsius. And the Other one in Medicine for Genetic Transfusion. A gene is invented and if the anti-gene of that is transfused HUMAN LIFE is extended to nearly 200 years.
    In the mean time, ISRO plans for Aadhithya Vaasam, a Sun Voyage with men in 2216 !
    The Kids with the help of ISRO official gets the 7 O’ 7 insulated with Sooriyum and gets space suits and goes to SUN. (2116). A Great Leap Forward.
    In 2216 the same kids grown ( 108 & 113 years Young ) goes to SUN in a Space Ship built by ISRO.
    They there identify the KIDS who are none other than ‘them’.
    In an absolute revolution in space at SUN the Sabu (108) and Vivi (113) meet Sabu (8) and Vivi (13)!!!
    And Sabu and Vivi return.
    It is just 2116 A.D.!!! !!!
    7 O’ 7 get expired.
    Good bye.

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Ruhani Alwadhi     2017-05-23


Invincible Publishers     2017-05-22