For The Sake of Ego

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    For the sake of my ego is the journey of passionate Aryan who is in love with Music from eternity. Life changes for Aryan the moment he enters college where he gets the chance of justifying his passion for playing music. The fascinating college life brings to him opportunity to perform in a rock band, however situations make him turn down the offer, something he regrets very soon. But his thirst for playing in a band amends his ways. Unfortunately, his eyes get opened the day he is thrown out of the band 'Vishesh'. The cobwebs of love never fail to bother Aryan and he realizes that life is much beyond his expectations. On his way though engineering, his enemies out number his friends, his story is all about answering the questions of his life: Will destiny ever allow him to perform in front of his college? Will his ego ever let him go back to Vishesh? Will any new path open up for him? Or will he have to make his path on his own?

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