Good Wali Morning

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    Everyone has a story. I too had a love story. But it was not just my story. But it is our story. The story that every one would have in their lives. The story that every one would feel in their life. It is not just a story, it is much above that. This is about how #Good Wali Morning quotes by Sirji on twitter carved my life. This is about what importance it held in my life. It is about love. It is about what it means to love. It is a tale beaded from my life, our life. And what beaded it makes it special. Every morning a new page is added to this story. The story of "I" who falls in love with the one he should have not. The one, his friend Shitanshu loves. An inspiring tale of life, friendship, promises and love, Chandra presents Good Wali Morning in front of you.

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