Footprints of Gautam Buddha

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    Four noble truths and eight fold path preached by Buddha was something that impressed the author to the core. During persuasion of his post graduate studies in history, the author came across the monuments, and the archaeological sites of India. He through his rigorous research and a love for travelling took it upon him to travel every length and breadth of India to acquaint himself more about Buddhism. He has captured every single detail in this book which may lead to Buddha's massive influence in these particular places. He along with a couple colleagues, who shared the same passion for travelling, travelled all across the country, from high rising Himalayas to the tip of the land, Kanyakumari touching the Indian Ocean. Author along with his camera travelled to far flung and remote areas of India and Nepal to Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Shravasti, Bhitargaon and Kannauj. It took the author about 30 years to cover Buddhist places including travel to other destinations. He visited Lumbini, Sarnath and Shravasti thrice and Kaushambi twice because, well the semblance and passion to take more photographs never left him.

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