Lost in Red Mist

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    "Lost in Red Mist" by Sandeep Mahiya is a collection of a variety of short stories.
    With a mature and powerful writing, the Author has created a deep and mesmerizing piece of art through his stories. The stories are of descriptive nature without too many dialogues. The titles of the stories are apt to their content, like
    the smile of newlyweds turns frozen as they find themselves willingly involved into sex trade in 'The Frozen Smile', Love, lust and power in the situation of wars very well depicted in 'Shadows of love', the heaviest kid of a village grows up to earn his bread and butter utilizing his stone like bodyweight in 'Bread of Stones', a man who lost everything and made platform his home resorts to doing selfless activities in helping the dead in 'The Platform', a raped foreign tourist regaining herself in the 'Fragments of a Full smile'.
    and 'A Hybrid Dream ' where a student aspiring to be a do well in life find himself with going behind a lot of dreams than accomplishing in one.

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