Nasa's Cupid and Devil in the Closet

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Code : NCDC

    Under the light shade of dark night, the cold season's warm flight, he was on the left and she on his right side, made eye contact and fell in love at the first sight! She was his pretty kite, flying at a height! But to prevent breakage of the thread, she required a saviour or maybe a dark knight! His brain was 'science' and heart divine, name was Naman. Hers, June was too fine, to save June from darkness, he jumped over every barrier, crossed every line! She was his day, his sunshine. God almighty! Save thy soul, you must be somewhere, perform your role. He made his choice, science or love? 1800, the time you note! The truth was uglier than he thought! He killed his friend and was caught, justice was small than his love a lot! He broke the bars, found his way, jail couldn't stop him from meeting his 'bay'. He wanted to fly as the dreams were away, she held his hand and said- "you're my hero, I'm your grey"

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