Truth that sets us free

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    Intriguing circumstances lead life forward stumbling through obscurity. Unfolding conspicuous divine plan to grasp heuristic insight from evidence of fiction fusion in life. History is repeated to quantify and reproach our own actions. Mythology is resurrected to intercept transmission from oblivion. Navigating obscurity to obliterate pain of separation, journeying since ages, still juggling with karmic lapses. We are ironical characters from scriptures; we are all part of that Big Whole. Truth is the missing piece from the puzzle of life. One reaches the Truth once one is ready for it, till then it is like four blind men defining elephant with their own touch. What is touched by one is defined as Truth but not accepted what others felt. Till then self is right and others are wrong. When the blind fold is removed, the elephant is wide and clear and we laugh at our folly as we realise that nobody is wrong, life is bit of everything. We are traversing since eternity, putting pieces of the puzzle in proper places, accepting one truth at a time, trying to become some body, so that we can achieve the ultimate goal of human existence and realise our true nature. Truth is that Life continues under Divine Plan, healing breaks free from mechanical cycle.

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