Programming with C and Data Structure

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    Brief about learning C Why should we learn C? It is the common question raised in many minds before learning. C is the most beautiful and charming language due to its simplicity and elegance. Though it is simple, it is powerful language. It is dynamic language ruling the IT world over 3 decades, still no language is able to match its strength. C is programming language developed at AT & T's Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was written by a man name Dennis Ritchie. To master any high level languages like C++ or Java, C is the basic foundation for it. In performance, speed of execution in C is unbeatable. Major parts of Windows, Unix and Linux are still written in C. Device drivers of new devices are always written in C. It gives direct access to memory in CPU through pointers. C is a block structured language. Each code exists in separate block and is not known to code in other block providing easy means of programming and minimizing the possibilities of undesirable side effects. We can finally say, no other language is so reliable, simple and easy to use than

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