The Alpinist

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    "About the Book: Aditya, the fattest and the most bullied kid of St. John school grows up dreaming that one day he will travel the country and summit Mt. Everest. But life has turned dull and lame for 26 year old Aditya, who is fed up listening to his angry Boss and demanding girlfriend Pankhuri. His only friend, Rohan is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. After Rohan's death, he realizes how fragile life is! In just one week he loses everything he loved the most. That day, he embarks on a journey across the 12 states having no sense of the fate that awaits there; the passage which unfolds changes his life forever. From the exotic desert of the west to the chilling weather of north, follow the dream journey of Aditya to the picturesque location of the great mountain, Mt.Everest.

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