The 3 Mistakes of My Life

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    This was the first book or more to say a novel, I read in my life. when I read other reviews about this book and also enquired with my friends, they were not very happy about this book but when I read this book I felt the same language which we are used to from Chetan's books, yes it is nowhere near to his works like "Five Point someone" or "2 States" but it isn t bad either, the way he gives background to each character and ties up all the loose ends together is what I like in this book as well, it also touches a few sensitive aspects of Gujarat but also explains how they impact business and people. you will be amazed to know i Completed it in 7 days. I couldn t control my excitement of what will happen next after reading each chapter. Some good points to understand especially Indian Politics and the most its dark side "political of religion and caste". Well of all I like trios book What can I say more read it and have some time of excitement of what.Surely not only sex. much about emotions. A good piece by Chetan Bhagat. --Vicky on 27 May 2015

    This is one the best book of Chetan Bhagat I have read. Great plot & story-telling. You will not loose interest in any part of the book. At climax your heart will start pounding. You can finish the book in one go. You will love this book even you are not a book-lover. Go for it..... --Arghya Mitra on 10 Apr 2015

    This is good work by Chetan showing real happenings of life. curiosity will increase as you reach some adventures points of book. Some conversations are seems worthless in book. Must read for book lovers. to read. --Narendra Sharma on 18 Mar 2015

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